You are already beautiful inside, let's shine OUT !

The beauty routine you've been waiting for, all skin needs to live her best life. 

How about you listen to yourself first?



The body's first protective barrier, the skin is the most exposed organ. Knowing how it works is necessary to effectively take care of it and really feel good about yourself.

Our philosophy: We opt for total transparency, it is through our meetings, exchanges, beauty workshops that we have designed NYA PARIS treatments. A brand created for you and by you.

" NYA seemed obvious to me 3 years ago.
After a major acne, I decided to pay attention to what I put on my face, during a long time, I was looking for a brand that is sufficiently informed about the characteristics of black skin and which clearly explains to me how and what I put on my skin.

I was surprised to find that black women don't really have a suitable beauty alternative and that some of them even expose themselves to more serious problems by using dangerous products. I created NYA PARIS to meet my needs and that of other women



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